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Red fruits, the ideal recipe for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and we want to surprise our partner with a perfect evening.

Today we would like to speak about few ingredients that will help you to give a touch of romanticism, beauty and health for such special date: Red fruits.

These fruits, besides being a delicious food, offer great benefits for our skin and great nourishing properties. In addition, their reddish color will give the perfect touch of color for Valentine’s Day.

The red fruits have antioxidant properties either as food or applied on our skin through cosmetic products.

The fruits of this category stand out for being rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, and also they are neutralisers of free radical. Their antioxidant, revitalising and anti-ageing properties make these fruits are an essential element to take care of our body. Thanks to our SPA Red Fruit line, you will be able to protect your skin and your partner’s with the beneficial properties of Red Fruits and with an aroma that you will surely love.

Down below we would like to present our proposal for a full, healthy and full of beauty Valentine’s Day. Do not miss it!

In the morning:

Start the morning taking care of your skin with the SPA facial scrub  Red Fruit Scrub and the facial cream SPA Red Fruit Cream. These products have a high content in red fruits such as blueberries and strawberries, which have an antioxidant, protective and repairing action.

At noon:

Complete your meal with a tasty, simple and healthy dessert thanks to Red Fruits:

Cut a strawberry into slices and put them on a natural yogurt. It’s very simple to make and it will certainly help to sweeten your day.

In the afternoon:

There is no better Valentine’s gift than a Spa treatment with your partner. You can relax yourself in a thermal circuit and then in the afternoon with a Duo massage. So, relax twice!

At night:

Strawberries and chocolate are popular for their aphrodisiac properties, so nothing better than finishing the evening with a dessert that includes these foods as protagonists:

A chocolate fondue with strawberries, one simple and delicious dessert.

If you do not have material to make a fondue, you can take a small ceramic bowl that rests on a surface so that the bottom of the bowl remains free. Right on the bottom, you can put a candle that will  melt the chocolate gradually. So later you can enjoy your own homemade chocolate fondue.

We hope that with these simple tips, you can enjoy an unforgettable day with your partner!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Tips to detoxify our body after Christmas

During Christmas period, it is more frequent to have more heavy meals which are rich in saturated fats, for example, candies, chocolates, cakes… and another Christmas typical dishes.

Due to these large food intakes, we can feel our body becomes heavier and swollen. Also we can feel that our mood can be affected as well. This can happen because the excess of fat in our body is not being transformed in energy. If this occurs, it is the time for a detoxification of our body!

To begin, we recommend preparing your skin with detoxifying and oxygenating products in order to renew it.  After that, it is advisable to apply cosmetic products to clean the skin from the accumulated impurities. These toxins on the skin of the face can be visible in form of spots, through dull and devitalized skin or a change of the skin type.

¿And what about our body? As every January, we initiate a new year with new purposes; and one of them is to have a perfect body for the summer. In order to achieve this, we recommend to use a draining cream daily to help reducing the volume, eliminate cellulite and sculpt the contour.

By following these beauty tips and with some daily physical routine, you will reach your new purpose. The physical activity is essential for a healthy life! When we exercise, the oxygen level in our body increases causing that all the cells are oxygenated and that all the accumulated toxins are eliminated through the transpiration.

In order to recover from the water lost through transpiration, we should drink between 1,5L and 2L of water per day.  Other food like pineapple, orange, melon, watermelon… or drinks like infusions, juices and natural smoothies can help us to reach this quantity of water as well.

We want to give some recommendations of drinks that you can find here below and which can help to detoxify your body:

-          Grapefruit, orange or lemon infusions: The grape fruit, lemon and orange are citrus with a high content in Vitamin C.  These antioxidants help to increase the defenses in our immune system and help to produce glutathione to improve the toxins removal. To prepare the infusion we only need to heat a little bit of water and later add a part of the pulp of these fruits into it; after a few minutes, strain the mix and then the natural infusion is ready to drink.


-          Dandelion and horse tail infusions: Known by their diuretic and detoxifying properties, these two ingredients are perfect to add in our infusions to help removing all the accumulated toxins while at the same time help our circulatory system to drain the liquids. In addition, they help improving the correct function of our liver.  To prepare this infusion, add some leaves of the chosen plant into the hot water and after a few minutes we have our infusion ready to drink.


-          Cranberries and red fruit smoothie: The cranberries have a high content in antioxidants and very low levels of sugars. Thanks to that, it is a perfect food to detoxify our organism. It is said that a single juice of this fruit per day, acts as preventive from liver and urinary system diseases, and also improves the circulatory system thanks to their vasodilating and vasoconstrinting properties. To prepare this smoothie of cranberry, we mix 1 glass of cranberries or red fruit with a glass of lemon juice and then we add a glass of skimmed milk or coconut water.


¡A good nutrition to detoxify your body!

There are vegetables and fruits that you can eat daily to detoxify the body.

-          Fruits: Besides the cranberries and red fruit that have a high content in antioxidants, we can also find fruits like apple, pear, lemon, orange or strawberries.


-          Vegetable or plants: Artichoke, onion, garlic, asparagus, ginger and beet are food that facilitate the circulation of mineral salts and which help to do a better depuration of the organism.

Don’t forget to eat for breakfast food with a high content in fiber to have a better digestive health. Some examples are: cereals, bread and integral biscuits.

Lastly, always remember that the alcohol and tobacco consumption generates a very high level of free radicals in our organism.

¡With these advices, we hope that you have a happy beginning of the year!

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In previous posts we gave you some practical advice on how to protect your skin from the cold winter. Today we would like to give you some tips on how food and certain nutrients can help us to prevent  from colds and keep our natural defences at full capacity.

Below we point out 7 basic tips that can be very useful to you against cold:

1) Hydration: In the Fall-Winter, the skin suffers due to the cold and heat. The skin is one of the most important organs in our body because, among other functions, regulates body temperature and protects us from the outside. And, therefore, requires a special care.  We can feel it is more dehydrated and drier than any other period during the year, therefore we need to maintain a maximum hydration by drinking water and some liquids (tea, soups, juices, etc.) in abundance (to the 1.5L and 2L daily recommended)

For those skins with serious dehydration problems due to wind and cold, you can try the Total Hydrating line of Anubis Cosmetics, which thanks to its double restorative and moisturizing actions the skin will be better protected.

2) Vitamin E content: For strengthening our protective barrier and skin moisturizer is better to increase the daily intake of vitamins, usually through fruits, vegetables and juices. Up to five pieces a day: three portions of vegetables (raw and cooked) and other two of fruits. But especially vitamin E will help us thanks to its strongly antioxidant effect and helps reducing inflammation. We can have it in the form of oily fish (tuna, salmon, sardines, bonito, emperor, etc.), once or twice a week. Nuts are also an excellent supply of vitamin E; a serving of 6-7 units of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc. together with the yogurt for snack is ideal.

3) Vitamin C content: It is good to strengthen our immune system. Can be found in citrus fruits, berries, and vegetables, mainly potatoes and peppers. A tip for those who suffer from anaemia due to lack of iron in the blood, is to eat liver or red meat (preferably medium cooked or undercooked), along with some citrus (dessert, for example) because these fruits contain vitamin C, which increases iron absorption. Remember that one of the citrus fruit containing more vitamin C are kiwifruit, which fortunately are now in season.

To take care for your skin, I recommend the facial treatment line of Polivitaminic of Anubis Cosmetics, cause it contains stem cells from orange which bring us hydration and a powerful antioxidant action to fight against aging.

4) Vitamin A content: As a way to help the formation and maintenance of skin, hair and mucous membranes, it is important to keep it in our diet. Beware excessive intake of this vitamin because high doses can be toxic, so with a varied diet of fruits and vegetables there is no need to take supplements. This vitamin can be found in fruits, yellow or orange vegetables (carrots, squash, peppers, etc.) and leafy green vegetables, liver and dairy products.

Vitamin A helps improving skin regeneration process and increases collagen synthesis, these facts will help to fight the cold weather and for the skin not to be harmed during this period. The line Excellence Q10 acts like an excellent protector against external agents while providing energy to the skin.

5) More energetic dishes: The body needs more calories to maintain basic body functions, thermoregulation of the skin and actively protect us against colds and flu. Therefore, we will need to lightly increase the consumption of food in more hyper caloric meals. We’ll need to add to the dishes more carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, potato, or just by increasing the milk consumption, will be enough.

It is not a coincidence that traditionally, the typical dishes of autumn and winter are heavier. We should not give up our casseroles, stews and soups, but take them in moderated quantities.

6) Seasoning with garlic and onion: These contain nutrients with great antiseptic powers to protect us from infections common in this season.

7) Rosemary, thyme, and chamomile and honey infusions: These three plants contain several properties: they are antiseptic, disinfectant, give protection for difficult digestion and are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. In particular, chamomile is fantastic to gargle to soothe the throat and also to treat possible mouth sores. Also it can help in the treatment of sinusitis. The mixture of both herbs with honey and lemon will help against inflammation and irritation of the respiratory and digestive tract in flu processes, and it will bring us all their benefits (with a good flavour added).

With these same ingredients, we recommend the hand cream Anubis Cosmetics to prevent and treat dry cracks that often appear when cold.  It contains retinol (vit. A), menthol, urea, and extracts of rosemary and chamomile.

We wish you could put into practice all these very beneficial tips for your health!

Cristina Millán

Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

Bachelor degree in Science and Food Technology.




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The feet are very important since they have the nerve endings of the whole body and support our weight multiplied by two when we walk, and by four when we run.

Therefore, we should take care and pamper them throughout the year, but sometimes they are forgotten when we use the winter footwear.

We punish our feet with shoes that sometimes oppress and tire them and even end up damaging them. In summer, since they become more visible, we try they have a hydrated and cared appearance so that they look nice. But we must maintain that care throughout the year.

We should maintain a continued professional cosmetic care that will result in good health throughout the year.

Is there anything more pleasant than a massage by a professional in cosmetics? And if in addition we add professional cosmetic products, the experience almost becomes a dream.

It’s also important to keep the nails perfectly trimmed and smoothed straight to make sure they do not pierce the skin, and have them free of unsightly thickened skins that sometimes may cause discomfort. Besides, if we keep the feet without corns, the discomfort or pain caused by shoes will be reduced.

In case of propensity for fungi, the tea tree oil is a cosmetic product highly recommended thanks to its fungicidal and healing properties.

As experts in cosmetics we recommend maintaining a good hydration and nourishment for your feet all year long. It is always nice and comfortable that your feet look soft and well cared.

Show off your feet all year!

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Ready for the winter


It is important to take care of our skin all year long, but there are key seasons in which we should pay special attention because it suffers more than ever: after very prolonged exposures to sun in summer and now that the cold weather arrives.

Over the next few months is essential to protect our skin from external agents typical of this period such as sudden changes in temperature or wind. So our expert advice is to oxygenate and renew the skin revitalizing its functions. In this way we can remove the excess of dead cells encouraging the applied cosmetic products to go deeper into our skin. So we will achieve to potentiate the effect of the products and much more lasting results.


However, beyond our skin, it is also essential to take care of our body inside as well. Therefore it’s convenient to include in our diet fruits and juices that will bring us vitamins thus strengthening our immune system. They will help us to protect from those annoying winter colds.


Also it is important to maintain a good physical condition. With exercise we improve circulation, oxygenation of tissues, and we are in better mood by releasing endorphins. All benefits!
And if we’re lucky and the sun shines … take advantage of it! It‘s very beneficial! But always with medium-high sun protection.
With these small guidelines we will be able to enjoy this season while feeling good inside and outside.
In Anubis we are ready for the cold, What about you?


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