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Enhance your beauty this spring

Spring is here and with it we are entering a period full of significant events such as weddings, baptisms and communions. We like to look good all year, but for these special occasions, we want look more radiant than ever.

In regards to these celebrations, not only the brides want to feel beautiful, but also all the guests want their skin and makeup look perfect for that day, apart from a shining face showing no fatigue that lasts all day.

To ensure that makeup is as durable as possible, it is very important to pay attention to the condition of our skin. This has to be perfectly cared, treated and moisturised, so that it is perfect for a nice makeup.

Here below we give you some essential tips to take into account for these special events:

  1. Prepare your skin at least 15 days before with a deep cleansing facial to renew your skin, remove dead cells and get a much more luminous skin. When removing dead cells and cleaning deeply we will prevent that dead skin cells block our skin. This way we will get a more bright and clean skin and the treatment applied subsequently will be more effective. For this purpose, we recommend our NEW EVEN line treatment.
  2. Your facial treatment routine is very important, so it is essential that you properly clean, tone and moisturise the skin every day. If our skin is clean and hydrated enough, it will avoid absorbing the water of the makeup, so it will not split during the hours that we have it on and the famous marks on our skin will not appear.
  3. Before putting on makeup it is highly recommended to use a small flash blister that will revitalise our skin to make it look more rested, luminous and smooth. It is important that it is applied by tapping to prevent the breakage and loss of the tension effect of the product.
  4. Si quieres que el maquillaje dure el máximo tiempo posible, y conseguir el efecto “strobing” que tanto está de moda, un truco infalible es utilizar una muy pequeña cantidad de mascarilla Gold Mask a modo de pre base antes del maquillaje. Ésta contiene una gran cantidad de ácido hialurónico que evitará la pérdida de agua durante el día y, además, gracias a sus partículas iluminadoras, nuestra piel se verá con un efecto “glow” muy saludable y precioso.

If you want the makeup lasts as long as possible, and to achieve the trendy “strobing” effect, a foolproof trick is to use a very small amount of Gold Mask before the makeup. It contains a large amount of hyaluronic acid that will prevent water loss during the day and our skin will also show a very healthy and beautiful “glow” effect thanks to its illuminating particles.

In addition, do not forget that if during the day your skin is dehydrated, you can apply the toner Total Hydrating, which will provide instantly an extra contribution of hydration thanks to its soothing and moisturising properties based on thermal water, hydromanil and hyaluronic acid .

We hope that you look perfect in any special occasion thanks to all these tips.


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Take care of your décolleté with 6 easy steps

We always want to look good, but in summer our body is more than ever exposed and our interest for a better care become even greater.


Today we would like to talk to you about one of the most sensitive areas and which requires an special care; our décolleté.


The skin of the décolleté is one of our most fragile areas and with less elasticity of our body, and thus, it ages faster. Spots, redness, wrinkles and sagging are some of the problems that we can find in this area.  Anubis Cosmetics can help you preventing these symptoms by following some simple beauty tips:


Toning the muscles in the area 

Daily excercise to tone the muscles of the décolleté, neck and arms, this will help us maintain a neckline with a more youthful appearance.

Exfoliation and hydration of the skin

Exfoliate regularly in order to improve the absorption capacity of the skin to receive the nutrients of moisturizers that we apply later.

It is necessary to moisturise daily our skin from inside and outside. From the inside by drinking enough water and tea and from the outside, with the help of creams such as our MODEL SEN Cream, which fights against bust sagging  giving it firmness while helps reinforcing tissues, restoring elasticity and smoothness to the skin.  We apply daily, morning and / or evening.

Sun Cream protection

When we are under the sun exposure we must pay special attention to protect this delicate area of the skin. It is advisable to use in this area sunscreens with high protection, as our NATURAL SOL Extreme.

Choosing the right bra

It is essential a good choice of the bra to prevent the chest flaccidity and the appearance of wrinkles in the décolleté area. And if we are going to practice any sport is essential to use a specific bra which can absorb the full impact of the movement of the chest.

Sleeping Time

Side sleeping causes vertical lines, therefore, whenever is possible we should avoid this posture. If you feel that is impossible to sleep in a side position, you  can prevent and control the vertical wrinkles by applying before going to sleep our MODEL SEN Cream and also sleeping with a pillow between the two breasts to keep them separated and protected from pressure.

Control your weight

Avoid the sudden changes in your weight


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Tutorial: Take care of your skin this summer

Summer is here and our expert team  give you some useful tips on how to protect and prepare your skin for the summer.

Don’t miss it!

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