Posted in January 2015


The feet are very important since they have the nerve endings of the whole body and support our weight multiplied by two when we walk, and by four when we run.

Therefore, we should take care and pamper them throughout the year, but sometimes they are forgotten when we use the winter footwear.

We punish our feet with shoes that sometimes oppress and tire them and even end up damaging them. In summer, since they become more visible, we try they have a hydrated and cared appearance so that they look nice. But we must maintain that care throughout the year.

We should maintain a continued professional cosmetic care that will result in good health throughout the year.

Is there anything more pleasant than a massage by a professional in cosmetics? And if in addition we add professional cosmetic products, the experience almost becomes a dream.

It’s also important to keep the nails perfectly trimmed and smoothed straight to make sure they do not pierce the skin, and have them free of unsightly thickened skins that sometimes may cause discomfort. Besides, if we keep the feet without corns, the discomfort or pain caused by shoes will be reduced.

In case of propensity for fungi, the tea tree oil is a cosmetic product highly recommended thanks to its fungicidal and healing properties.

As experts in cosmetics we recommend maintaining a good hydration and nourishment for your feet all year long. It is always nice and comfortable that your feet look soft and well cared.

Show off your feet all year!

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