Posted in December 2014

Tutorial: Ready for New Year’s Eve

Are you ready for New Year’s Eve?

In Anubis Cosmetics we have prepared our first videoblog full of tips to prepare your skin for this New Years Eve.

With 4 easy steps you will achieve a glowing skin for this special time.



Ready for the winter


It is important to take care of our skin all year long, but there are key seasons in which we should pay special attention because it suffers more than ever: after very prolonged exposures to sun in summer and now that the cold weather arrives.

Over the next few months is essential to protect our skin from external agents typical of this period such as sudden changes in temperature or wind. So our expert advice is to oxygenate and renew the skin revitalizing its functions. In this way we can remove the excess of dead cells encouraging the applied cosmetic products to go deeper into our skin. So we will achieve to potentiate the effect of the products and much more lasting results.


However, beyond our skin, it is also essential to take care of our body inside as well. Therefore it’s convenient to include in our diet fruits and juices that will bring us vitamins thus strengthening our immune system. They will help us to protect from those annoying winter colds.


Also it is important to maintain a good physical condition. With exercise we improve circulation, oxygenation of tissues, and we are in better mood by releasing endorphins. All benefits!
And if we’re lucky and the sun shines … take advantage of it! It‘s very beneficial! But always with medium-high sun protection.
With these small guidelines we will be able to enjoy this season while feeling good inside and outside.
In Anubis we are ready for the cold, What about you?


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