Posted in November 2013

When the cold arrives

Every day it is getting more difficult to know what season we are in, since time is changing every year as you can see. We could say that we have had a late autumn and an imminent arrival of the cold.

This is the time of year when we should prepare our skin to protect it throughout the winter from external agents such as wind or sudden temperature changes. Whenever we want to carry out a specific action on our skin, our advice is to oxygenate and renew by revitalizing its functions. In such a way we will remove the excess of dead skin cells and will help to get that the applied cosmetic products reach the deeper layers. The results will be enhanced and more durable.

We must also remember our internal care, strengthen our immune system to protect us from endless colds. It is good to increase the level of vitamins in our body by taking fruits and drinking juices as well as take advantage of the last rays of the sun (always with medium-high sunscreen), which will also favour that the hair and nails are stronger.

Daylight is shorter. This affects our bodies and our schedules. Physical exercise will help us to recover as it makes us to release endorphins, responsible for providing us good mood, and it will also helps us to improve our blood system. With the movement of our body we improve circulation and oxygenation of the tissues, resulting in healthier skin and a more strengthened muscle tone.

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