Posted in September 2013

And after the summer?

exfoliante anubis

Throughout the year, the skin is exposed to different aggressive external agents, but after the summer is when their traces are more evident.

Factors such as sea water, chlorine in the pool, high temperatures and especially solar radiation make that the skin is subject to daily aggressions that cause dehydration, pigmentation and increased skin sensitivity, resulting in premature skin aging.

Clean, tone, exfoliate and moisturize. Return to a complete skin care routine is the best thing to restore face radiance and vitality.

We emphasize the renewal as the main action to take since the stratum corneum of the skin has become thicker in summer as a natural defense against sunlight. This means that our skin is more protected but also means that the number of layers of dead cells increases. We have to perform a full exfoliation to renew the skin and thus improve the penetration of the creams applied later.

Choose a cream that treats the factors described above is also vital. The most recommended are hydro-nourishing creams that enable to nourish in depth, regenerate and restore elasticity to the skin.

We must not forget that the feeding and hydration in our organism also influences the recovery after the excesses of summer. The fruit and vegetables are natural antioxidants that contribute to preventing skin aging, as well as drinking plenty of water daily will help to clean and moisturize it.