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Family Company

strong>We will continue to promote our business on the basis of family company, created from the restless and enterprising character of the Sainz family. We want to keep the initial premises of proximity and flexibility that suit the needs of our customers in a highly competitive and continually evolving market.


Research and Development

We invest a significant part in the development of new lines and formulations that allows us to move forward with a continuous improvement and added value, placing us at the forefront of professional cosmetics. With formulations based on synergies, as a result we manage to offer unique solutions such as LIPOLIMIT FACTOR®, AHA HYDROXY SYSTEM® o W-SYNERGY COMPLEX®.



We are committed to the environment, to build a sustainable concept in our Brands and in the technology we use. With a natural tendency in our formulations (No Parabens and mineral oils free).


Commitment the customer

We have established a 360º concept that allows us to meet their expectations. They are advised and guided by an internal and external team that put both our customers and our distributors in the centre of our management.


Professional team

With a high responsibility and commitment to the company, setting up high standards of work and collaboration. We give value to our entire team, encouraging respect and ensuring the development of the capacities of people.


  • Frederic Soler, 110
  • 08205 Sabadell (Barcelona) Spain
  • (+34) 937 273 227
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