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To Anubis, public relations and events are a strategic tool for communication and marketing, in which professional empathy with our firm is the key.



This work is recognized with the growing international repercussion that Anubis Cosmetics currently lives, working on many occasions with our customers and distributors worldwide.


These meetings are aimed exclusively at professional public to present the new products and treatments of our company as well as to perform live demonstrations. Attending these events allows us to establish a direct contact with our current or potential customers, optimizing time and number of attendees.



We perform an average of 7 conferences per year, among which we highlight especially Asian countries such as China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, etc., as well as Spain and other countries of Europe.


Anubis, always committed to beauty, has sponsored several fashion events, as in several editions of the Bridal Week, sports events, collaboration and personalized treatments with hotels and wellness centres, collaboration with Gio Orchestra and the singer Nina, television programs, etc.




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