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The program of training sessions is based on three modules at different level, with the goal of professional growth and development of talent and personal aptitudes.
To obtain these objectives, and thanks to their extensive professional career, our training team is known for imparting high-level trainings with innovative techniques and providing solutions that are customized and adapted to each professional.

Our method LEARNING BY DOING is inspired by the studies and the developments from R&D department to develop new and innovative concepts, techniques, and working methodologies in order to train and improve the talent of the professionals through a continuing technical-professional advising.

The training program is based on three modules at different level, which combined synergistically are the key to the success of our trainings:





1.STARTWAY Transmission of Anubis Cosmetics philosophy and values​​. Introduction to different product lines.

2.KNOWINGWAY Increased knowledge of products and introduction of new lines. Specific treatments and massage techniques.

3.STRATEGICWAY Product presentation strategy focused on events.


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